Monday, January 18, 2010

Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3

Tough I've recently started playing Naruto Accel 3 I must admit, I was a skeptic at first.
My skepticism had nothing to do with the PSP or any other Naruto installments prior to Accel 3's release, but more so... it was because of the "Ultimate Ninja" Series for the PS2.
I was always a fan of the "Clash of Ninja" series for the GCube and later the Wii, but never much of a fan of the PS2 Naruto fighters. There are several reasons why I'm not fond of PS2 Naruto fighters, one being the stiffness and the lack of mobility options.

In the "Clash of Ninja" series the battle system allows you to sidestep attacks and cancel combos and continue with new ones. Though I do believe the ultimate reason I'm not fond of Ultimate Ninja(no pun intended)is that besides it being a 2 Dimensional game, there is a lack of skill required to win and you do NOT gain chakra automatically. This doesn't mean a beginner can defeat a pro, but more so... the likelihood of a beginner defeating a pro rises due to lack of an intricate battle system. Simply put... anyone can button mash.

Much like it's predecessors Naruto Accel 3 has the same aspects I don't like about Ultimate Ninja. Though the game compensates in other ways. One being a new LNP mode where you can unlock your Latent Ninja Powers with merely a click of a button. Not only does this make up for the chakra issue, but it allows for a more diverse battle.

Here is a video of Naruto Accel 3

Monday, December 21, 2009

Orochimaru vs Tsunade and Jiraya "Spear Pillar"

The third fan fiction - Orochimaru vs Tsunade and Jiraya "Spear Pillar"

"The Three Sanin"
An intoxicated Jiraya steadily makes his way from the pubs in Tanzaku Town towards Hot Springs, in search of "inspiration" for his novel "Come Come Paradise".

In his drunken stupor he senses sinister chakra in the Hidden Leaf Village. Like a bolt of lightning Jiraya makes his way to the Hokage's chambers only to find Tsuande quarters empty. With only one option left, Jiraya search's for whomever the evil chakra belongs to.

He finds Tsunade and Orochimaru, atop the Pillar Chamber, exchanging words and glares.

The silence was deafening until the antsy Jiraya lets out a blurp.
Jiraya: Of all the people in the world... It's you two.

Orochimaru responds, and then the battle ensues...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Naruto vs Sasuke "Valley of End"

The first fan fiction - Naruto vs Sasuke "Valley of End"

This hallowed ground destroyed Friendships, Hearts were hurt, Bonds were broken...
After intense training from Jiraya-sama, Naruto revisits this forsaken place, Hoping it would bring him one step closer to finding his former friend, teammate, brother...

Naruto Approaches this Valley of End, astonished to find his former Teammate sitting idly, gazing upon the statues, reminiscing upon the battles that took place here...

Sasuke senses Naruto before he even arrives and waits, expecting Naruto to try and convince him to return to Konoha once again...

Before Naruto can even get a word out Sasuke rises, draws his sword, and prepares for battle...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Itachi vs Naruto and Sasuke "Valley of End Revisited"

The second fan fiction - Itachi vs Naruto and Sasuke "Valley of End Revisited"

On his quest to find the final Jinchuuriki hosts, Itachi sits with Kisame in deep meditation, scouring the Earth for massive amounts of chakra. He senses immense chakra in Konoha, more specifically, The Valley of End. He departs from the Akatsuki hideout in search of who is responsible...

Upon arriving, Itachi is surprised to see both Naruto and Sasuke battling to the death. Itachi intervenes, he doesn't want to fight his little brother, he only wants the Kyubi Jinchuuriki host. Sasuke refuses, not to protect his former friend, but to finally settle the score between him and his brother.

Naruto aids Sasuke, in hopes that if they can finally defeat Itachi, maybe Sasuke would end this foolish quest and return home to Konoha once again...

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