Monday, December 21, 2009

Orochimaru vs Tsunade and Jiraya "Spear Pillar"

The third fan fiction - Orochimaru vs Tsunade and Jiraya "Spear Pillar"

"The Three Sanin"
An intoxicated Jiraya steadily makes his way from the pubs in Tanzaku Town towards Hot Springs, in search of "inspiration" for his novel "Come Come Paradise".

In his drunken stupor he senses sinister chakra in the Hidden Leaf Village. Like a bolt of lightning Jiraya makes his way to the Hokage's chambers only to find Tsuande quarters empty. With only one option left, Jiraya search's for whomever the evil chakra belongs to.

He finds Tsunade and Orochimaru, atop the Pillar Chamber, exchanging words and glares.

The silence was deafening until the antsy Jiraya lets out a blurp.
Jiraya: Of all the people in the world... It's you two.

Orochimaru responds, and then the battle ensues...


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