Thursday, December 10, 2009

Itachi vs Naruto and Sasuke "Valley of End Revisited"

The second fan fiction - Itachi vs Naruto and Sasuke "Valley of End Revisited"

On his quest to find the final Jinchuuriki hosts, Itachi sits with Kisame in deep meditation, scouring the Earth for massive amounts of chakra. He senses immense chakra in Konoha, more specifically, The Valley of End. He departs from the Akatsuki hideout in search of who is responsible...

Upon arriving, Itachi is surprised to see both Naruto and Sasuke battling to the death. Itachi intervenes, he doesn't want to fight his little brother, he only wants the Kyubi Jinchuuriki host. Sasuke refuses, not to protect his former friend, but to finally settle the score between him and his brother.

Naruto aids Sasuke, in hopes that if they can finally defeat Itachi, maybe Sasuke would end this foolish quest and return home to Konoha once again...


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